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Very informative. Ukraine is a serious issue. If they win, the Russians and Chinese will back off.

If they lose, Russia will start taking over by force in Europe, China by force in Asia.

Just as Hitler and WWII could have been easily stopped in 1934, Now is the time and the Ukraine is the place to stop Russia and China.

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"It treats time like it’s free. It does not respond quickly. It does not build or innovate around current problems"

This is also how the FDA behaves: https://jakeseliger.com/2024/01/29/the-dead-and-dying-at-the-gates-of-oncology-clinical-trials/. No one at the FDA seems to consider opportunity costs or what can be done with money apart from investing in pharmaceuticals. The result is the retarding of the pharma market and a lot of people, like me, dying prematurely.

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Nice article, that got my gears turning. I think that producing casings with 3d printing is the wrong focus, given that 3d printers trade speed for flexibility. What about printing the presses or other tooling, or parts of it? Would it be possible to cut time and cost for a new production line?

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Not to disparage our industrial base issues (which we definitely have), it's worth noting that that it took YEARS to build up that industrial base for WW2.


Based on this, 2+ years to scale up production capacity seems right in track (esp. for a war we're not actually fighting, so less political oomph at home)

I don't think a liberal democracy will ever be able to be as nimble as an authoritarian state, but we can make moves when the needs arise. Agree that deterrence would be a hell of a lot cheaper!

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Thank you. It is very informative.

My question is how all sides participated in WW1 succeded producing around 1.5 billions of shells in short period of time?

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